European Climate Pact Clique
Brussel, 1210

We are inviting all EU Climate Pact ambassadors and friends of the Pact to join our Climate Pact Clique on december 3th. Let’s walk together, spread our message together, have fun together!

When every degree counts, every action counts, which is exactly the message of the EU climate Pact. Our slogan “My World. My Action. Our Planet.” reminds us that we all have our limits and our strengts. Our personal worlds are different, and so is the size and the nature of our climate actions. But we all can do something, from within our own world, to protect the planet that we all share.

We meet each other at 12h30 at Boulevard du Roi Albert II / Koning Albert II-laan, at the crossing with the Rue Des Charbonniers / Koolbranderstraat (Updated meeting point!). Look for the EU Climate Pact logo!

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